• affordable spay neuter services

    50,229 total surgeries subsidized

  • spay neuter for companion rabbits

    8,962 surgeries subsidized in 2014

  • affordable low cost spay neuter services for kittens and cats

    Estimate over 150,000 first-generation births prevented

  • affordable low cost spay neuter for puppies and dogs

    61% of subsidized surgeries for owned pets

  • low cost spay neuter for bunnies rabbits companion rabbits

    74.7% client show rate

  • low cost spay neuter for kittens cats feral cats

    514 clinics scheduled in 2014

  • spay neuter low cost puppies dogs

    Over $20,000 per year in fuel costs

You Can Help Save Lives!

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See the MN SNAP Mobile Surgery Suite/RV

9/01/2014 (Labor Day) at the Minnesota State Fair Parade!


Save the Date!

5th Annual FurryTail Ball

November 15, 2014 * Lafayette Club * Minnetonka

For more information contact us at FTBinfo@mnsnap.org


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