MN SNAP’s wish list

MN SNAP uses a variety of items in our day-to-day work. If you’re interested in donating items, please send an email to to make arrangements for delivery, or view our clinic calendar to find upcoming clinics where items can be delivered. Thank you!

We have an wishlist that will allow you to purchase items online and have them shipped directly to us! Wishlist

MN SNAP can use gift cards to purchase any of the items regularly used by our veterinary teams:

  • Office Max
  • Holiday, SuperAmerica gas cards
  • Target, Walmart
  • Menards, Home Depot
  • Chuck & Don’s, Petco, PetSmart
MN SNAP sends thank-you letters, client confirmations and other correspondence, and we need to pay our bills, too! We use more than 300 stamps each month.
MN SNAP uses equipment that requires batteries, the most important of which is our monitoring equipment used on each patient for six to nine hours per day. This can add up to more than 15 batteries per unit, per week.
MN SNAP needs 0.3ml-1ml syringes with 0.5″ needles sizes 28-31g.
Distilled water is used in our autoclaves, which sterilize all surgical instruments, gowns and individual items used in each surgical procedure. MN SNAP uses an average of 10 gallons of distilled water per week.
MN SNAP uses a towel to lay on our heated surgery tables for each patient. It stays with the patient throughout their stay with us. Providing a warm and comfortable space is vital to patient recovery! We graciously accept new and gently used bath-sized towels.
MN SNAP volunteers wash and dry approximately 150 loads of laundry per week! We accept donations of the following laundry supplies:

  • Detergent (powder or liquid)
  • Dryer sheets
MN SNAP generates five bags of waste per team each day. We make every effort to recycle and minimize our waste; however, we average about 55 bags of waste per week.
Paper towels are used throughout the MN SNAP surgery day. For example, each surgical instrument pack is lined with a paper towel to help maintain the longevity of each instrument placed in the spay or neuter instrument pack.
Snack-size baggies are used daily for sending home post-op medications for patients where a child-proof bottle is not required. Approximately 300 baggies are used per week.
  • New or gently used sturdy dog slip leads (rope, not nylon)
  • Cat or dog food (wet or dry)
  • Poop bags
  • Disposable puppy pads
MN SNAP can always use the following office supplies:

  • Rubber bands
  • Medium binder clips
  • Copy paper
  • Sharpies
  • Pens
  • #10 envelopes