The following information will assist with client understanding of the surgery process and expectations during a MN SNAP clinic:

Should you need to cancel your surgery appointment please provide a 48 hour notice. This will allow us to fill any available space for the clinic.


  • Schedule surgery online (or leave a message and a volunteer
    will assist you in signing up).
  • Wait for confirmation.
  • Clients will receive a reminder 1 to 3 days before surgery.
  • Dogs must be pottied before check in.
  • Non-Profit or Low Cost does not imply ‘FREE’ or ‘poor
  • Be prepared to wait in line at check in – everyone is provided with the same check-in time so please allow up to 60 minutes for this


  • Proof of qualification (proof of income or public
  • MN State ID (if out of state a current MN utility
    bill must be provided)
  • Cash payment
  • Appropriate sized kennel with bedding
  • Cardboard cat carriers are available to purchase for
  • We do not typically stock extra dog carriers, however we do bring a variety of donated dog and cat kennels/carriers that are available for purchase.
  • Rabbits must arrive with hay in the carrier.
  • Print and complete the consent form that was attached to the
    email confirmation; this will expedite check-in.
  • Blank forms are available at the clinic; 1 form per


  • Surgery typically takes 10 to 40 minutes
    depending on the species/breed/gender.
  • Each pet will be ordered to allow the most efficient surgery flow.
  • The surgery day is planned by species and weight
  • Large dogs are 1st, small dogs 2nd, rabbits and female cats 3rd, male cats last
  • Every pet can sleep for several hours after
    surgery; the larger the pet the longer they sleep. 1st come 1st served does not apply.
  • During check-in, inform the technician of any abdominal
    surgery your pet may have had (i.e. c-section, obstruction surgery or
    bladder surgery), medical conditions, or medication your pet is taking.
  • Clients will receive a phone call when their pets are
    ready to go home.


  • If parasites or infections are identified, we will call for approval to treat.
  • Treatments start from $5 to $20 and cash payment must be collected at the time of pick up.
  • Please monitor your phone in the event that we do call with any questions/treatment approval.
  • If an umbilical hernia is found at the time of surgery, an additional fee of $10 will be assessed.
  • If a male pet is cryptorchid (undescended testes) additional fees will apply and will be discussed at pick up.
  • All clients will be called if any additional fees must be approved and collected at pick up.
  • All unforeseen fees are collected at pick up.


  • Clients will receive a phone call when their pets are ready to go home.
  • Please ensure someone is available for pick up ALL DAY.
  • We attempt to provide a 30 minutes to 1 hour notice for pick up – it is very important that pets are picked up on time.
  • We will work with clients who have time constraints, but cannot guarantee specific timing for picking up pets after surgery.
  • When you pick up your pet you will receive at home care instructions and possibly medications.
  • Listen carefully as it is very important you know how/when to give the medications and how to be sure your pet is recovering well.
  • If your pet is not recovering the way you think it should, we have provided you with a number to call.
  • Surgical re-checks are free of charge, but if medication or another surgery is required you may be expected to pay another fee.


  • Prevent the animal from licking the incision during the healing process.
  • Most pets do not need an e-collar but we sell them for $5.
  • If a pet is licking at his/her incision, we will ask the client to purchase an e-collar before going home.
  • Clients that notice a pet licking his/her incision at home may return to purchase an e-collar.